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Click It Together With Cobi Small Army Howitzer Tank, 100 Piece Set

Cobi Small Army Howitzer Tank, 100 Piece Set
January 7, 2014

Best way to put together with the Small Army Howitzer Tank - a great item manufactured by Cobi. My wife wished to get our son a good Cobi block kit and then my colleague Josephine from Orlando suggested I see if my child would play with the Cobi block kit Small Army Howitzer Tank. I had the item specifications by doing a search on the model number, 2214. When compared with other Cobi building blocks for his kids it has a good amount of referrals. This offered me a good deal of handy details and customer feedback for the building blocks.

Cobi released this block set sometime in 2013. Among the key characteristics is the cobi brick figures, plates and playsets are compatible with other brand name brick and block building figures and sets. Additional features include things like 100 piece set. It takes approximately the same space as a soda bottle and has a weight of 2 lbs.

Online you have access to numerous resources and info to aid you to make the right selection. Take a little bit of time and you will find precisely what you intend to buy for kids at the best amount.

This Cobi building block set can now be found for under retail price. Where to buy a Small Army Howitzer. For more information on this Cobi building block set, click on our partners via the link on this site.

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